The TAMID Group

Where business-minded students become the next generation of leaders.

What Is TAMID? [TA-meed]

TAMID Group is a non-political and non-religious organization for students looking to gain real business experience through working with Israeli startups. There are 60+ TAMID chapters across 5 countries with 2,800 active members on university campuses.

Members study consulting, finance, and entrepreneurship through a practical education program and then put their skills to the test with real startups across a wide range of verticals including fintech, cyber, digital health, and more.

About the Program


Members participate in a hands-on educational program that teaches the fundamentals of consulting and finance through weekly one-hour workshops and case studies.


Members work in teams to advise real Israeli startups on important business development issues, ranging from conducting market research to identifying product-market fit.


Members source and conduct due-diligence on Israeli stocks, working in teams to conduct equity research and manage a stock portfolio.


Each summer, members have the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Israel on the capstone internship experience, living at Tel Aviv and working at a large business firm or cutting-edge startup.

Join us!

Recruitment for each new cohort begins in the Fall— we look forward to your application!

TAMID Group at Carleton University (2021)